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We analyze your business and advise you on the best solution for your needs. In today’s world, for a business to run efficiently and profitably, the use of Information technology is a must. However, to choose the right solution for your needs, from the vast array of available technologies and applications, is not an easy task. One can easily get lost in technological jargon and end up buying expensive technology which is of little use to one’s business.

We’ll work with you to understand your needs and provide you with professional advice with regard to technology alternatives and corresponding solutions, and hence make it easy for you to take decisions for adoption and progressive implementation of easy to use solutions to make your business more efficient and profitable through the use of Information technology. With our expertise we strive to give the client total and in-depth control over the business and they’ll see a dramatic improvement in their competence and profitability.

The investment in our Advisory services will pay for itself within a short time span, hence a more efficient ROI for you and your company.

Probable Scope of Work Our Understanding of Client profile

  • Clients may be looking for entry into Indian internet/IT/VAS/Applications market space and seeking clarity on policy & regulatory matters and procedures.
  • May be using any or hybrid of technologies e.g. Satellite bandwidth & connectivity, Air to Ground spectrum, GSM based connectivity, which leads to a need for clarity and possible way forward, etc.
  • Clients already provides such solutions/services out of India & is looking to extend its base in India.
  • Local Indian ground support/POP – local servers/gateway access/equipment ownership, etc – questions related to PE requirements, security compliances exist
  • Arrangements with Indian Licensed entities/ Service Infra Providers – expectations from potential partnerships, vetting them needed

First Phase – Exploratory, Research, Information Collection & Assessment

  • Seek and study the technology platforms, network & solution architecture of the solution/service on offer by Client
  • Assess requirement of extent of Local Indian ground support/POP/Equipment procurement & ownership, local servers/gateway access needed.
  • Study various licenses, approvals, NOC’s, etc. and make an assessment of applicability or otherwise which may impact provisioning/offering of services. Advice accordingly.
  • Identify, Meet & Explore and Collate the possible roles of various governing Ministries, Departments, Agencies. (DoT, TRAI, WPC, SACFA, DoS, MCA,ISRO, BCAS, etc). Meetings with officials.
  • Assess/Advice adequacy or otherwise of existing licensing & other provisions services in Indian services space.
  • Assess and establish need for Client local point of presence, direct or indirect or otherwise.
  • Explore potential local service providers/hosts for Client’s indirect presence and services. Meetings with industry officials and executives

Second Phase – Initiating Policy Development/Regulatory Determination Process

  • Initiate a new policy development process – If amends needed in existing licenses conditions & policies.
  • Entails helping prepare  collaterals, making appropriate submissions to stakeholders,  offer solutions/services and seeking required approvals/ resources.
  • Working through interdepartmental, inter ministerial process and procedures.
  • Intensify engagement with Ministries, Regulator/s, Agencies.
  • Helping create white papers, technical documentation, discussion drafts, participation in consultation processes.
  • Using relevant mechanisms to pursue policy development viz., diplomatic channels, press, industry chambers as options.

Probable Scope of Work Third Phase – Applications & Approvals

  • Help prepare documentation for formal application/s of appropriate License and or Approvals as the case may be.
  • Adequate liaison with authorities to obtain above.
  • Identifying appropriate local partners, support in negotiating partnership/Alliances/Joint Venture arrangements

Probable Scope of Work Other Services concurrently with Phase III

  • Advice/Support process of incorporation as appropriate for a local Indian entity or Foreign entity
  • Identifying & helping appointments of Tax consultants/Law firm for procurement of local entity clearances, all banking tax registrations, addressing taxability issues and compliance services (PAN/TAN/ST/IE Code/TF). NDA already providing these services.
  • Advising and services to prepare for Sectoral Licensing/ Regulatory compliances with DoT/TRAI.

About Us

Telxess Consulting Services was set up with the main objectives of providing a suite of Consulting, Advisory and Business Support Services, mainly in the fields of Telecom, Internet and IT. We are a small boutique consulting firm, which can provide clients a deep local understanding, a wide contact base and rich experience with a global outlook. Telxess was set up in the year 2006, and already has had an impressive profile of services that it has been engaged for by various clients in the Telecom and Internet space.

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